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About Okaya Inverter Batteries

Inverters have an essential role to play in everyday life. As a result, it is necessary to get the right battery for extra benefits. The inverter batteries need to be taken care of properly to ensure better benefits. It is essential that you take proper care of the battery to increase the lifespan. Over time, the inverter battery needs to be appropriately replaced to get maximum benefits. You need to use the inverter battery that is compatible with your system to enjoy the maximum benefits.
If you are to choose one of the potential inverter batteries, you need to ensure that you get the right one. The Okaya inverter batteries happen to be the most popular choice. You need to get in touch with experts who can help you with the installation of the Okaya inverter battery.
The inverters are meant to supply electric current to the electronic appliances. This eventually ensures that the system keeps running in case of a power cut. The backup and performance of the inverter entirely depend on how the battery functions. The inverter battery is the main requirement of the inverter. As a result, it is necessary that you get in touch with the right dealer so as to provide extra benefits. The longevity and performance of the inverter entirely depend on the inverter battery. Like every other appliance of your house, the inverter battery needs thorough maintenance too. Therefore, proper maintenance of the inverter battery can also provide longer backup life.

Can you increase the inverter battery of the Okaya inverter battery?

Okaya inverter batteries are one of the most efficient ones, that is eventually aimed at enhancing the experience. However, after a certain period, you need to use your inverter battery properly so as to increase the life. Taking proper care of your inverter battery is the key to increasing its lifespan.
But, some of the best ways to increase the lifespan of the Okaya inverter battery include the following.

Prevent Rusting of the battery

One of the best ways to increase the lifespan of the battery is to keep the terminals free from corrosion and rust. Rusting can eventually decrease the lifespan of the battery, which will harm the current flow. As a result, the reduction in battery life will harm not only the performance but also the current flow and backup. To keep the battery free from rusting, you need to pour a mixture of hot water and baking soda on terminals. Apart from that, you can also apply some petroleum jelly for extra benefits.

Prevent battery overloading

You need to prevent the battery from overloading so as to provide electricity supply to the system to avoid power cut. If the battery fails during overloading, it will have a lesser backup. To prevent overloading, you need to disconnect all the unnecessary devices, which will affect the energy consumption of the battery. If the battery is unplugged from an extra load, the lifespan of the battery will increase eventually.

Keep a check on the water level

It is extremely necessary to keep a check on the water level of the inverter battery to ensure better functioning. To provide better functioning of the inverter battery, you need to bring about a balance between the maximum and minimum water levels. Whenever recharging the inverter battery, you need to top it up with filtered water instead of tap water. Preventing tap water will keep away contamination and minerals, thereby improving the battery performance.

Keep changing the battery

One of the easiest ways to ensure better performance of the inverter battery is to keep changing it. After a certain period, the inverter battery needs to be changed for better functioning. As time passes by, the battery will lose its capacity soon. If you want to prevent the batteries from reducing backup, you can get sealed batteries. The sealed batteries, comparatively do not require much maintenance since they do not lose its electrolyte.

What inverter batteries should you buy?

If you want to get your hands on the most potential inverter battery, then nothing can be a better option than sealed batteries. Since the batteries tend to lose its electrolyte, you may get sealed batteries. The sealed batteries won't need much maintenance too. Therefore, you wouldn't need to worry about taking care of it too.
Another excellent option for inverter batteries is lithium batteries. The lithium batteries are yet another excellent option for inverter batteries. Moreover, the tubular batteries can also serve the purpose best. These batteries do not require much maintenance and have durability as well.
Okaya inverter batteries are one of the best choices to make. You can consider maintaining the inverter battery properly by following the steps mentioned above. If you want to get your hands on a potential inverter, you can consider checking the Okaya inverter batteries. The Okaya battery price and specification are mentioned in the website itself. As a result, you won't have any inconvenience choosing the Okaya battery.

Should you buy Okaya inverter battery online?

If you are skeptical about buying inverter battery online, then you shouldn't be. This is usually because genuine Okaya inverter batteries are available online. You can easily buy these batteries from BatteryDial.com. The battery being the main component of an inverter needs to be in accordance with the inverter's size and compatibility.
If you are still skeptical about buying inverter battery online, let us give you an insight to some of the benefits of purchasing inverter battery from BatteryDial.com include the following


When buying an inverter battery from BatteryDial.com, you can order the Okaya inverter battery right from the comfort of your house. You wouldn't need to roam around in the market, searching for the best Okaya inverter battery. The specifications of the Okaya battery are mentioned in the website itself, thereby making it easier for you to choose one potential battery.

Fast and Easy

While offline shopping will require you to go around and search for the most potential inverter battery, you can easily find one online. Not only is the online shopping method of Okaya battery is fast and easy, but it is also comfortable. As a result, right at the comfort of your home, you will quickly get your hands on the Okaya inverter battery.

Price comparison

One of the toughest parts of finding the inverter battery is not being aware of the model. The Okaya inverter battery is available in different models has a different price tag to consider. When it comes to choosing a potential one, you may prefer searching online and also compare the prices effectively. With the Okaya inverter battery price list given on the website, you surely can get your hands on these inverter batteries. Comparing prices online will provide you with the opportunity to purchase the right battery model.


When you buy the Okaya inverter battery online from BatteryDial.com, you get a warranty period of one year. Moreover, we are verified sellers and potential installers, which is why you will receive high-quality, genuine, and Okaya inverter batteries with a warranty. As a result, you can get the battery in no time.

EMI option

If you do not have enough money to purchase the Okaya inverter battery online, you can always opt for the EMI option. BatteryDial.com being the best Okaya battery dealer, offers the facility of EMI option as well.
The BatteryDial.com website contains reviews from our potential customers. If you don't know what to choose, you surely can check the website and get your hands on the most potential inverter battery. Apart from that, BatteryDial.com has a secure payment gateway too, which is why you shouldn't be worried about it. The inverter batteries are available to suit your solar panels, E-rickshaws, batteries, UPS, and so much more.

FAQ related to Okaya inverter batteries

Before you proceed to purchase the potential inverter batteries, you need to research about it thoroughly. Being aware of the inverter batteries will be of great help to you. Some of the prominent FAQ related to the Okaya inverter batteries that you should be aware of including the following.

Why does my inverter battery show switch when power is there?

There may be different reasons why your inverter battery is still switched on despite power being there. If you notice any such signs, you need to be careful. Every inverter battery contains a relay switch that is responsible for the DC current flow around the battery. If you have been noticing this problem frequently, then the most probable reason is that the input is not connected correctly or fuse melted.
If you continuously see this problem in your inverter, you need to reset it. The fluctuations in the input have to be one of the most significant issues of the inverter battery, which is why you should be careful with it.

Should you buy Amaron or Okaya battery for the inverter?

If you are to choose an inverter battery and don't know what to, get in touch with experts Okaya battery deals, Batterydial.Com has 24*7 support, thereby ensuring that you get the best of inverter battery. Whenever buying these inverter batteries, you need to buy from a potential dealer that provides you replacement warranty as well. We at BatteryDial.com provide you that responsibility. You need to purchase the inverter battery that offers the best replacement warranty. Well, Okaya battery has the highest replacement warranty from BatteryDial.com. As a result, you can effectively choose it.

Which is the best inverter battery in India?

When it comes to choosing an inverter battery in India, there has been a constant struggle about which one would be the best. If you want to buy an inverter battery, you need to purchase one that suits your needs the best. Any battery that fits your inverter is undoubtedly the best choice to make. As far as the best inverter battery is concerned, Okaya happens to be the best one. Okaya inverter battery is not only effective but also functional. Moreover, Okaya also contributes to saving money since it consumes less power.

How to store inverter battery when not using it?

If you are not going to use the inverter battery, the first thing you should be doing is storing them properly. Whether you are getting the inverter battery for yourself or gifting it, you need to charge the battery thoroughly. Make sure to follow the steps mentioned below to know how you should be storing the inverter battery include the following.
  • Fully charge the battery for 100%.
  • Rinse the battery with water and drain all the electrolytes out of it.
  • When all the electrolyte is removed from the battery, you can easily store it for a long time.
  • Also, if you are opting for a sealed battery, you need to store it properly. Before moving the battery to the storage, you need to charge it fully.
  • Once you are ready to use the inverter battery, you can ask any servicemen to fill it with gravity electrolyte, and it's all ready to use after recharge.

Is there a problem if the inverter battery gets overfilled with distilled water?

Often people have complained about filling up the inverter battery till the brim with distilled water. Although it does not cause much of a problem, you should be careful enough with the recharging. In Okaya inverter battery, the problem gets fixed within a day or a month.
However, you may prefer reaching out to professionals for getting your inverter battery fixed. You need to drain the battery electrolyte properly for better benefits. Also, if you are cleaning the interiors of the inverter battery, you need to use hot water.


Which inverter battery should you buy for 6-8 hours of backup?

If you want an inverter battery with a backup of 6-8 hours, then nothing can be better than the Okaya inverter battery. The battery can last for a long time. Okaya inverter battery is available in the market quickly and can last for 6-8 hours.
BatteryDial.com has a wide range of Okaya inverter batteries. These are affordable, and the specifications are mentioned in the website itself. Make sure to carry out thorough research and proceed with the inverter battery that suits your inverter the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How to know that the inverter battery needs replacement?

    One of the easiest ways to determine whether or not the inverterv battery needs replacement is to check how it has been functioning. Problems in troubleshooting the inverter battery can be a great sign to determine that the older battery needs to be replaced. At BatteryDial.com, we ensure to conduct thorough research and provide free tests before delivering the battery to you. If you have been feeling that your battery isn't working correctly, you may get in touch with Experts at BatteryDial.com and then proceed accordingly

  • What is the main reason for inverter battery failure?

    Your inverter battery may fail for different reasons, which is why you should be careful with it. The inverter battery often tends to be overcharged or undercharged. Experts at BatteryDial.com recommend that the battery should be sufficiently charged enough. If you are putting up the inverter battery for a charge, you need to keep a thorough check on the charging device. This will ensure that the system works properly. Also, you need to check the manual provided to ensure how the maintenance is carried out. This will ease the process of the dos and don'ts regarding the support of the battery. But if you are concerned about the charging of the cell, you may get in touch with experts at BatteryDial.com for better assistance.

  • What type of water should I use in the Inverter battery?

    All inverter batteries are filled with acid water, but you might as well add something extra for better advantages. Experts recommend adding distilled water in the inverter battery. Being the leading Luminous inverter battery dealer in Delhi, the distilled water for inverter battery is readily available. Whenever you are installing the inverter batteries and putting in water, you need to ensure that you do not use impure water or any other liquid. This will eventually lead to damage around charging cells, and it will also harm the performance of the battery.

  • How often should you change the water in the battery?

    Changing or adding water is a crucial thing to consider for the battery. Since the battery needs water for functioning, you need to ensure that you add the minimum level of water regularly for its proper functioning. Also, make sure to check the water regularly so that you maintain the minimum standard for a long time. The battery will need water as per its recharging cycle and consumption level. As per the rules, you should keep checking the water level every 3-to-6 month so that the functionality is improved for a long time.

  • Why should you buy inverter batteries from BatteryDial.com?

    When working with BatteryDial.com, you can buy inverter batteries because of the following reasons ? We ensure to provide the right product. ? We provide you genuine products ? We get verified sellers ? We are your one-stop solution for all the products At BatteryDial.com, we pledge to provide different varieties of inverter batteries. You can check the entire website and choose the one that is the most convenient for you.

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