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    • Offer MTEKPOWER EB 1700 140AH Battery
    • MTEKPOWER EB 1700 140AH Battery
    • Battery type: Tubular Battery

    • Warranty:36 Months (18 Months Free of Cost + 18 Months Pro Rata)
    • PRICE: 12,790   30% OFF
    • With Old Battery (Same Ah) 8,899
      Without Old Battery 11,899

      (Prices are inclusive of all taxes)

    • Offer MTEKPOWER EB 1900 160AH Battery 
    • MTEKPOWER EB 1900 160AH Battery 
    • Battery type: Tubular Battery

    • Warranty:36 Months (18 Months Free of Cost + 18 Months Pro Rata)
    • PRICE: 14,900   34% OFF
    • With Old Battery (Same Ah) 9,899
      Without Old Battery 12,899

      (Prices are inclusive of all taxes)

    • Offer Microtek MtekPower EB 1600 135AH Battery
    • Microtek MtekPower EB 1600 135AH Battery
    • Battery type: Tubular Battery

    • Warranty:36 Months (18 Months Free of Cost + 18 Months Pro Rata)
    • PRICE: 14,399   42% OFF
    • With Old Battery (Same Ah) 8,399
      Without Old Battery 11,399

      (Prices are inclusive of all taxes)

About Microtek Inverter Batteries

Although the chances of power cuts have gone down by a significant percent, people still fear it. Needless to say, the power going out can prove to be extremely dangerous. As a result, the people each day are installing inverters in their houses. The presence of inverter will provide you the efficiency to run electricity without any inconvenience. But what is it that makes inverters run so smoothly? Well, it's nothing but the batteries. The presence of cells has contributed towards the inverter that can run many appliances. Over the years, inverter batteries have gained significant popularity.
But just because you have been asked to get your hands on inverter batteries to increase efficiency, they necessarily want. As a result, inverter batteries can play an essential role in increasing productivity. With the rising popularity of inverter batteries, several brands have come up in the market with their versions. Each of these proves to be extremely beneficial and helpful. But how do you know which one is efficient for you? If you want to buy a battery that is functional and can last for a long time, nothing can be better than Microtek Inverter Batteries. Over the years, Microtek has developed a significant reputation in the market and helps the device provide power to different appliances.
The inverter batteries have become an essential requirement in Indian households. If you live in an area that faces power cuts frequently, you need to ensure that you get the best inverter battery for your house. The Microtek Inverter Batteries is especially required in areas where the power goes out for a long time, mainly rural India. Getting an inverter is a big decision. Since it is a big unit, you will need to consider different factors for investment. Also, the inverter battery's prices vary depending on power requirements and brand. The Microtek Inverter Battery is available in the market for pretty affordable rates.

How to increase Microtek inverter battery backup?

The Microtek Inverter batteries have a sufficient amount of backup, and like every other inverter battery, the backup lasts only for a few hours. But then being careful can also help you increase the battery backup. If you live in an area that is prone to long power cuts and outages, you may prefer getting an inverter with high battery backup. But there are other ways to which you can increase the inverter battery backup. Some of the prominent ones include the following.

Keep away extra loads

One of the main reasons why the inverter battery doesn't work correctly is because it has additional loads. The inverter can provide power to different devices. If you want the inverter battery to work for a long time, you should be connecting only the tools that you need and disconnect all other devices. Often we tend to connect all the tools, which eventually leads to the battery losing its charge soon. This hurts the power of the inverter battery.

Take proper care of inverter battery

If you want your inverter battery for a long time, you need to maintain it properly. Often people fail to take adequate care of their inverter battery, which can cause a lot of problems. As a result, you need to clean, follow the charge-discharge cycle regularly to ensure that the battery works properly. The easiest way to take care of your inverter is to keep the terminals free from rust and corrosion.

Connect the energy-saving devices

One of the easiest and most effective ways to increase the lifespan of your battery is to connect all the energy-saving devices. These energy-saving devices consume lesser power as compared to other devices. For light, you can connect energy-saving bulbs such as LED and CFL. These bulbs consume less energy than regular power bulbs. As far as reducing resistant is concerned, you may prefer choosing quality copper wiring devices. These devices, however, consume less power, thereby ensuring better functioning of the system.
The Microtek Inverter Batteries will need to be replaced after a specific time, but then taking proper care and putting less load on it can help to expand the lifespan. However, if you have to connect a lot of devices of high-power, you need to ensure that you get an inverter battery with high power. If you are replacing the inverter battery, make sure to use something that matches the inverter battery specifications of your older battery.

From where do you Microtek Inverter Batteries?

The Microtek Inverter Batteries are available online and offline. If you are buying it online, you may prefer getting the inverter battery from BatteryDial.com. BatteryDial.com ensures to provide you high-quality inverter batteries at an affordable rate and genuine products.
Being verified dealers and installers, you can be sure of getting high-quality Microtek batteries. BatteryDial.com deals with a number of brands such as SF Luminous, Okaya, and more. If you are looking for the best brand of Inverter batteries, then nothing can be better than Microtek. These are available not only at an affordable rate but extremely efficient too.
At Batterydial.com, customer satisfaction happens to be the best thing and we ensure to provide the same to our clients. With batterydial.com, you can be assured of getting the luxury of free delivery and installation. The installation has always been one of the main problems of people. As a result, to ease the process, you may prefer getting in touch with experts at BatteryDial.com and get your hands on the best Inverter battery. Being a renownedMicrotek battery dealer, you ought to find a wide range of batteries at Microtek. Make sure to research what you want, and you can proceed accordingly.
Often people are hesitant to purchase batteries and different products online, considering that they won't get genuine products, and the price would be high too. As a result, to avoid this, most people prefer purchasing products offline. Nonetheless, when you are buying inverter batteries from BatteryDial.com, you can be sure of a genuine Microtek battery. Being verified product dealers, you can get access to the secure payment gateway with BatteryDial.com.
If you ever feel confused about how to proceed with the battery delivery and installation, you can surely find one at BatteryDial.com. Our experts are available 24*7, thereby promising to provide high-quality batteries to the people.

What is the Microtek Battery Price?

If your old inverter battery has expired and needs replacement, you need to choose one high-quality battery. These batteries are readily available in the market, thereby promising to provide the best of all services. When you purchase a Microtek battery from BatteryDial.com, you can get several offers and discounts too. Therefore, with discounts and offers applied to the Microtek battery price, you can eventually get it at an affordable rate, thereby aiming to meet all your requirements.

FAQ related to Microtek Inverter Batteries

Microtek Inverter Batteries are one of the most popular ones in the market. If you haven't got your hand on Microtek Inverter Batteries, make sure that you do the desired research and then proceed accordingly. Some of the prominent FAQ related to the best Microtek Inverter Batteries include the following.

What are the signs that I need to replace my inverter battery?

After a certain period, every battery needs to be replaced. This is to ensure that the cell functions appropriately without any inconvenience. Some of the prominent signs that indicate your inverter battery needing replacement include the following.
  • The motor takes too long to start as it eventually becomes slow after a certain period.
  • The appliances do not function properly, and it isn't capable enough to work correctly.
  • The discharge sign appears on the screen frequently despite the battery being fully charged.
  • Under cold temperature, the battery loses its charge frequently, and the power indicator doesn't appear.
However, it is necessary to note that often signs may not be there regarding the battery failing. If there are no signs, and you still feel that the inverter battery isn't working correctly, you may prefer getting the battery checked from experts. At Batterydial.com, we can provide a battery test as well, therefore, enhancing the appeal.

How often should I replace my inverter battery?

One of the most common questions that people have often had is how often should they replace the inverter battery. The frequency of Microtek inverter battery replacement entirely depends on how climate, region, weather, and usage. However, if you feel that the inverter battery is not in good working condition, you may prefer either getting it checked or upgrading it. These will eventually play an important role in enhancing the impact of inverter battery.

How to choose the best inverter battery?

One of the best ways to choose the inverter battery effectively is to know the size of your inverter. You need to get the inverter sizing tool and select the cell that suits your inverter the best. The electricity connection also matters a lot while choosing the battery. One of the best ways to choose the inverter battery easily is to check the VA rating of the cell. At BatteryDial.com, all details regarding the battery are mentioned in the specifications itself. So, before you finally choose one Microtek battery, make sure to check its specifications as well.

How to charge the inverter battery properly?

Often it happens that the inverter battery is not charging correctly. This may, however, prove to be problematic. While you may think it is reasonable, your inverter battery not being charged properly is a sign that it needs to be replaced. If you don't know the inverter battery, you should check with experts. There is a high probability of the charger circuit being spoiled. If the inverter battery is damaged, you should get the entire thing charged. A lot of people prefer opting for a DIY inverter battery. However, it is recommended to get in touch with and get you the best Microtek battery from BatteryDial.com.

How to know if the inverter battery is fully charged?

A lot of people may often have the dilemma of checking if the inverter battery is full or not. The easiest way to determine if the inverter battery is fully charged or not, you need to check the display light. In some inverters, if the inverter battery is charged, the light will be switched ON. However, in some cases, the inverter display light will keep blinking, thereby indicating ensuring that the battery is fully charged. If you are not sure about the light, you might as well check the inverter battery charge with that of a digital multimeter. These devices can be of great help to determine if the battery is ultimately charged or not.

Do inverter batteries show battery low even when the batteries are fully charged?

There have been several instances when people complained about the inverter battery showing "low battery" despite being fully charged. If this has been a constant problem with your inverter, you may prefer checking the inverter and battery terminals thoroughly. The battery may have a high load, which is why in case of voltage drop, the cell shows such a thing. Before opting for inverter battery charging, you need to ensure that that the indicator does not show a low battery.

Will the Inverter battery work after months of not being used?

There are very fewer chances of the battery working even after months of not being used. If your battery has not been working correctly, then you may prefer charging it and using it. Nonetheless, even after being charged, it is not switching, you should prefer reaching out to an inverter technician.

Why is the inverter battery always in charging mode?

One of the main reasons for this is the inverter battery being too old. If your invite battery is old and weak, you should check it. Also, you need to check whether the inverter is in standard or UPS mode. Therefore, you should reach out to experts who can help you with the inverter not being in charging mode. If the inverter battery is old and weak, make sure to change it and get a Microtek Inverter battery from Batterydial.com.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How to know that the inverter battery needs replacement?

    One of the easiest ways to determine whether or not the inverterv battery needs replacement is to check how it has been functioning. Problems in troubleshooting the inverter battery can be a great sign to determine that the older battery needs to be replaced. At BatteryDial.com, we ensure to conduct thorough research and provide free tests before delivering the battery to you. If you have been feeling that your battery isn't working correctly, you may get in touch with Experts at BatteryDial.com and then proceed accordingly

  • What is the main reason for inverter battery failure?

    Your inverter battery may fail for different reasons, which is why you should be careful with it. The inverter battery often tends to be overcharged or undercharged. Experts at BatteryDial.com recommend that the battery should be sufficiently charged enough. If you are putting up the inverter battery for a charge, you need to keep a thorough check on the charging device. This will ensure that the system works properly. Also, you need to check the manual provided to ensure how the maintenance is carried out. This will ease the process of the dos and don'ts regarding the support of the battery. But if you are concerned about the charging of the cell, you may get in touch with experts at BatteryDial.com for better assistance.

  • What type of water should I use in the Inverter battery?

    All inverter batteries are filled with acid water, but you might as well add something extra for better advantages. Experts recommend adding distilled water in the inverter battery. Being the leading Luminous inverter battery dealer in Delhi, the distilled water for inverter battery is readily available. Whenever you are installing the inverter batteries and putting in water, you need to ensure that you do not use impure water or any other liquid. This will eventually lead to damage around charging cells, and it will also harm the performance of the battery.

  • How often should you change the water in the battery?

    Changing or adding water is a crucial thing to consider for the battery. Since the battery needs water for functioning, you need to ensure that you add the minimum level of water regularly for its proper functioning. Also, make sure to check the water regularly so that you maintain the minimum standard for a long time. The battery will need water as per its recharging cycle and consumption level. As per the rules, you should keep checking the water level every 3-to-6 month so that the functionality is improved for a long time.

  • Why should you buy inverter batteries from BatteryDial.com?

    When working with BatteryDial.com, you can buy inverter batteries because of the following reasons ? We ensure to provide the right product. ? We provide you genuine products ? We get verified sellers ? We are your one-stop solution for all the products At BatteryDial.com, we pledge to provide different varieties of inverter batteries. You can check the entire website and choose the one that is the most convenient for you.

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