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About Exide Inverter Batteries

The main components of an inverter always have to be its battery. Without proper maintenance, the inverter batteries won't last long. It is for this reason whenever you are buying inverter batteries for your house; you need to be careful with it. But what is the best brand of inverter battery to buy? Exide Inverter Batteries happens to be one of the best choices to make. Whenever you are looking forward to buying Exide Inverter Battery, you should be taking a lot of factors into consideration. Considering all the elements will eventually be of great help.

Where should you buy an inverter battery from?

Whenever you want to buy Exide battery for inverter, you need to check the factors into consideration. One of the best things to consider about the inverter battery is whether you should buy online or offline. With continuous fraud in the online market, you are sure to be confused. Well, the Exide Inverter battery is available at BatteryDial.com for very affordable rates, which is why you should buy it online.
If you are confused about how to buy online, you can quickly get it. At BatteryDial.com, we serve different brands for a very affordable rate. Some of the prominent inverter batteries you can buy from BatteryDial.com include that of SF Luminous, Okaya, Exide, Amaron, and more.
One of the most significant confusions that people always had is whether they should get the inverter battery online. Although there are different brands, you may prefer choosing the best Exide Inverter battery for your convenience. At BatteryDial.com, we provide free installation and delivery as well. Therefore, if you are having a hard time getting your battery installed, with us, you can be sure of getting everything in no time.
Often customers have complained about having a tough time choosing the inverter battery. But with BatteryDial.com, you can eventually get a great benefit. Since you order the battery from us, you can get in touch with experts at batterydial.com, either through phone or through WhatsApp. The clients have complained about the improper installation of the BatteryDial.com due to their fault. But when you have BatteryDial.com, you sign up with certified dealers and verify installers who will give you the liberty of getting the battery installed easily. We work with trained professionals who ensure that the battery is installed easily without any inconvenience.
Since buyer's protection is provided for all customers, we ensure that you get a safe payment gateway. At BatteryDial.com, you wouldn't need to worry about being cheated. This is usually because the secure payment gateway will eventually bring a benefit. You can get a wide range of benefits with your purchase from Battery.com. You may be confused about the product not being of high-quality or a fake one, but that might not be the case with BatteryDial.com. Since we are verified dealers and installers, you can be sure of getting high-quality products. Also, we pledge to provide genuine products to our customers.
When dealing with BatteryDial.com, you won't have to face any inconvenience with the Exide inverter batteries regarding payment, composition, or installation. BatteryDial.com is undoubtedly your one-stop solution for all the problems. As a result, you don't have to worry about anything. We provide complete solutions from beginning to end.
BatteryDial.com promises to take proper care of the battery for its longevity. But it is also the responsibility of the customers to take appropriate care of the cell. Exide inverter batteries are unique and need to be taken care of thoroughly.


How to maintain the inverter batteries?

Comparatively, the Exide inverter batteries aren't the same as that of other brand inverter batteries. It is for this reason that you should consider all the factors for the proper maintenance of inverter batteries.
Regular maintenance and battery's proper care can eventually contribute towards increasing the life of the battery. Like any other home appliances, the Exide Inverter batteries need to be taken care of properly, and it can help in proper operation. Although they cannot contribute towards beautifying the house, they can eventually help you live comfortably. If your inverter battery functions correctly, it will help you live a comfortable life in case of power cuts.
Some of the prominent ways through which you should take care of your Exide Inverter Battery include the following.
Whenever you are installing the inverter, you need to ensure that there is a properly ventilated area. With time, the inverter battery will heat up, leading to charging and operation. The presence of air and moisture around the inverter battery can help to reduce water dripping.
Once you have got the inverter battery installed, you need to ensure that you use it regularly. Although a lot of areas are prone to electricity, in some houses, this may not be possible. Even if your area is not facing any power cut, you need to ensure that you discharge the battery once a month. After recharging, you need to ensure that you renew it thoroughly. Discharging is necessary for once in every month. 
Every two months, you need to check for the water level. The water level of the battery has a vital role to play in its maintenance. Both the maximum and minimum limit needs to be taken into consideration. However, if you are adding water to the battery, you need to use distilled water instead of tap water or rainwater. These are rich in minerals and impurities, which can harm the battery life and performance.
The cleanliness of the battery matters a lot, which is why you need to take it into thorough consideration. You need to keep all the sides of cells clean for a better idea. Also, you need to ensure that you keep the battery dust free. Instead of using any chemicals, you should be using a cotton cloth to keep the surfaces free of dust and clean it thoroughly. Keeping the Exide batteries clean will eventually help in enhancing the quality.
The terminals need to be free of corrosion. Since these terminals are made of metal, they need to be rust free too. To keep the terminals free of rust and corrosion, you need to clean the space with hot water and baking soda. The combination of these will help to clean. Once you have made the terminals free of corrosion, you need to apply Vaseline and petroleum jelly too. Rusting and corrosion will hurt the battery performance as it restricts the current flow, thereby leading to a slow battery. The battery life will eventually lessen, thus leading to faster spiking of the cell.
Also, when you are cleaning the Exide Inverter battery, you need to prevent the risk of blocked vents. Blocked vents can cause the accumulation of hydrogen gas, thereby speeding the process of bursting cells.
Since you are to maintain the safety of Exide Inverter battery, you need to keep it in safe places, away from the reach of kids. Also, you need to store it in less used areas. However, you also need to ensure that the space is airy enough and has proper ventilation.
The inverter battery may become damaged and dead after a certain period. Therefore, you must inspect the battery conditions thoroughly and keep your inverter updated. Exide Inverter battery price in Delhi is very affordable if you purchase it from BatteryDial.com. You will find different types of batteries for affordable rates. So, when you want to buy Exide battery for inverter, make sure to take a look at BatteryDial.com.

FAQ Related to Exide Inverter Batteries

It is often said that before buying inverter batteries, you need to do thorough research. Although Exide Inverter Batteries are the most reliable ones, you may prefer conducting a thorough investigation and know about its working. Being aware of all the factors will eventually help you purchase the best Exide inverter battery.

What are the features to consider while buying the Exide Inverter Battery?

Whenever you want to buy Exide inverter batteries, as stated above, you need to have a thorough research. But some of the features you should surely be looking in the inverter battery include the following.
Size: When buying a replacement for your old battery, you need to take into consideration the dimension of your original cell. Being familiar with the aspects of the old battery will help you find a new inverter battery of the same size.
Power: The power of the inverter battery has a vital role to play while choosing the Exide inverter battery. Just like you check the vehicle, you will need to check the battery for inverter too. When it comes to checking the inverter battery's power, you will need to consider how long the battery will function in case of power cuts. If your area is prone to power cuts, you will need to choose the best Exide inverter battery, to ensure it keeps functioning for a long time.
Warranty: Every Exide inverter battery comes with a warranty. Therefore, whenever you are buying one for your home inverter, you need to check the requirements of the inverter and its need thoroughly for a better idea.

What will be the impact of excessive heat on the inverter battery?

While choosing car batteries, everyone takes into consideration the surrounding temperature. Therefore, even in the case of the inverter battery, the temperature is taken into account. Too much heat around the Exide inverter battery can eventually lessen its life. Before buying the Exide battery for inverter, you need to ensure that you check the Exide inverter battery rate. Too much heat can initiate the evaporation of electrolyte. As the electrolyte evaporates, it will leave behind the corrosion of the positive terminal. This will eventually weaken the positive terminal of the inverter battery and harm its working.

How to know that the inverter battery needs replacement?

One of the easiest ways to determine whether or not the inverterv battery needs replacement is to check how it has been functioning. Problems in troubleshooting the inverter battery can be a great sign to determine that the older battery needs to be replaced. At BatteryDial.com, we ensure to conduct thorough research and provide free tests before delivering the battery to you. If you have been feeling that your battery isn't working correctly, you may get in touch with Experts at BatteryDial.com and then proceed accordingly.

Is it essential to remove the ground wire while replacing batteries?

Before you start replacing batteries for any inverter, you must remove the ground wire. Not removing the ground wire can eventually lead to a big problem. After removing the ground wire, you also need to consider which terminal and cable you are using. Also, while eliminating the ground wire for replacing batteries, you need to keep away all the metals. The metals coming in touch with any of the terminals can lead to disruption, and eventually, the entire battery will explode. As a result, to abide by the safety measures, it is necessary to remove the ground wire while replacing batteries.

Can I use a microwave on an inverter?

Whenever you are using different elements for inverter, you need to ensure that you are careful with it. You can surely use a microwave on the inverter, depending on the size and capacity of the system. However, you will also need to consider the power and function of the inverter. If you need to use the microwave frequently, you need to purchase an inverter than can take up the load of the microwave effectively. But in the end it all comes down to how much your inverter battery can hold. As a result, you may choose the Exide inverter batteries.

How much time will the inverter need to switch itself on after power cuts?

The inverter battery quality matters to determine which inverter you will need. Usually, during power cuts and electricity transfer, inverters need 16.6 milliseconds to switch themselves on. Also, they will need this much time to switch from one mode to another. Once it is on, the inverter can ensure a better supply system and prevents signal loss too.
Get in touch with BatteryDial.com and choose the most potent option for the different Exide inverter batteries.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How to know that the inverter battery needs replacement?

    One of the easiest ways to determine whether or not the inverterv battery needs replacement is to check how it has been functioning. Problems in troubleshooting the inverter battery can be a great sign to determine that the older battery needs to be replaced. At BatteryDial.com, we ensure to conduct thorough research and provide free tests before delivering the battery to you. If you have been feeling that your battery isn't working correctly, you may get in touch with Experts at BatteryDial.com and then proceed accordingly

  • What is the main reason for inverter battery failure?

    Your inverter battery may fail for different reasons, which is why you should be careful with it. The inverter battery often tends to be overcharged or undercharged. Experts at BatteryDial.com recommend that the battery should be sufficiently charged enough. If you are putting up the inverter battery for a charge, you need to keep a thorough check on the charging device. This will ensure that the system works properly. Also, you need to check the manual provided to ensure how the maintenance is carried out. This will ease the process of the dos and don'ts regarding the support of the battery. But if you are concerned about the charging of the cell, you may get in touch with experts at BatteryDial.com for better assistance.

  • What type of water should I use in the Inverter battery?

    All inverter batteries are filled with acid water, but you might as well add something extra for better advantages. Experts recommend adding distilled water in the inverter battery. Being the leading Luminous inverter battery dealer in Delhi, the distilled water for inverter battery is readily available. Whenever you are installing the inverter batteries and putting in water, you need to ensure that you do not use impure water or any other liquid. This will eventually lead to damage around charging cells, and it will also harm the performance of the battery.

  • How often should you change the water in the battery?

    Changing or adding water is a crucial thing to consider for the battery. Since the battery needs water for functioning, you need to ensure that you add the minimum level of water regularly for its proper functioning. Also, make sure to check the water regularly so that you maintain the minimum standard for a long time. The battery will need water as per its recharging cycle and consumption level. As per the rules, you should keep checking the water level every 3-to-6 month so that the functionality is improved for a long time.

  • Why should you buy inverter batteries from BatteryDial.com?

    When working with BatteryDial.com, you can buy inverter batteries because of the following reasons ? We ensure to provide the right product. ? We provide you genuine products ? We get verified sellers ? We are your one-stop solution for all the products At BatteryDial.com, we pledge to provide different varieties of inverter batteries. You can check the entire website and choose the one that is the most convenient for you.

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