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Car Batteries
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Amaron Car Batteries
Over the years, Amaron car batteries have gained extreme popularity among the people. If you own a vehicle and are looking for the most potential solution for your car, then no choice can be better than the Amaron car battery. No matter how well you maintain it, after a certain period, the car battery ceases to function and needs to be replaced to ensure better working. Therefore, in certain situations like this, you may need to get in touch with experts.
Amaron battery for the car is readily available online. Often people hesitate from buying these car batteries assuming that these are very expensive. Well, you need to know that these are not and are incredibly affordable. If you haven't yet got your hands on the Amaron Car Battery, maybe it is time that you should. But where do you buy the Amaron car battery online? While these batteries are readily available offline in the market, it may often be problematic for you to determine whether the product online is genuine or not. As a result, it is often said that whenever you are purchasing a product online, you need to ensure that you carry out thorough research about it.

Where do you purchase Amaron car battery online?

There are several Amaron car battery dealers in Delhi who deal online. While you may be confused about whom to choose, you shouldn't refrain from buying the product from BatteryDial.com.
BatteryDial.com is undoubtedly one of the leading Amaron car battery dealers in Delhi. After running a successful business offline, they have finally decided to go online and ship their products pan India. So, you no longer need to stick to what is best for you or not. One of the best parts of buying Amaron car batteries from BatteryDial.com is that you will continuously be provided with guidance and updates. Often it happens that people want to buy a battery for their car but don't know which one to. Therefore in situations like these, the BatteryDial.com executives can come to your help.
Honestly, BatteryDial.com is one of the leading battery dealers in Delhi, thereby helping to achieve you the most significant ones. If you are still confused about why you should buy the battery from BatteryDial.com, we have a bunch of reasons to answer your question.

Why should you buy Amaron Car Batteries from BatteryDial.com?

Even when BatteryDial hadn't taken its business digital, they were out in the market serving their clients offline. Some of the prominent reasons why you should proceed to purchase Amaron car batteries from BatteryDial.com include
  • Price Listing
Not every website online mentions the price of the battery. This further makes the client suspicious and doubtful about whether or not they should deal with the company. But at BatteryDial.com, we make sure to maintain the transparency. Hence, a comprehensive Amaron car battery price list is mentioned in the website itself. The price is mentioned along with the model to ease the process for our customers.
  • Free Delivery and Installation
At BatteryDial.com, we believe in complete assurance and providing comfort to our clients. It is for this reason; we ensure that every work is eased for them. As a result, we make sure to provide free delivery and installation for our clients. Our executives and trained professionals will not only arrive with the product at your doorstep within the stipulated time but will also ensure to provide installation. Also, if you are worried about the shipping charges apart from the original price of the battery, don't worry because we have got it all covered. At BatteryDial.com, we believe in providing free delivery to our clients to ensure convenience and affordability for them.
  • Brand New and Original Products
At BatteryDial.com, we believe in providing brand new and original products. When you purchase Amaron car batteries from BatteryDial.com, you can be sure of getting innovative and new products. We offer a wide range of brands such as SF Luminous, Exide, Amaron, and more. When you want to purchase products with us, you can get a variety of us. With us, you will be sure to get genuine and original products.
  • Secure Payment gateway
We understand that online payments have their cons. While they may initially sound to be false, but they do have, which is hugely problematic. Whenever you are making an online payment, you are undoubtedly very much worried about the amount being stuck or you being conned. However, at BatteryDial.com, to ease the tension of our customers, we promote a secure payment gateway. We ensure that they do not have to face any kind of problem. At the same time, if you are not interested in making an online payment, you may as well opt for offline payment. Nonetheless, before making any decision, ensure that you have checked the Amaron car battery price list online on the website.
  • Verified suppliers and certified installers
You surely wouldn't want to get your product from someone who isn't verified. Also, not a lot of people are tested online. Therefore, it is necessary to get in touch with someone who is confirmed. If you are looking for that, you don't need to worry. At BatteryDial.com, we have certified dealers and installers of Amaron car battery. We work directly in association with the company. So, you don't need to be worried about it. Also, we work with professionally certified installers who can ensure better working within no time and get the battery installed in no time without any inconveniences.
  • Buyer Protection
Your security is our responsibility. Whenever you are choosing batteries from us, you can be sure of receiving complete buyer protection. At BatteryDial.com, we believe in securing our customers. Whenever you are working with us, you don't need to be worried about anything, for we will provide you with everything and anything you require. The Amaron Battery for a car with proper prominence can play an essential role in enhancing the impact of the battery.

Car battery FAQ

To ensure that you know everything about the car batteries, we make sure to ease the entire process for you. As a result, some of the facts that you should know about the car battery include the following.

How long will the Amaron car battery last?

The main question regarding the car battery has always been how long it will last. If taken care of properly, the Amaron battery's average lifespan is four to five years. Nonetheless, if the temperature is hot, the battery will last for only three years. At the same time, the lifespan of a battery will eventually be reduced if not taken care of properly, especially when subjected to severe vibration. But, Amaron battery for a car can last up to 6 years if the surrounding temperature and conditions are maintained.

Should I go for battery replacement?

If your battery has been showing signs of deteriorating, then it is time that you opt for battery replacement. Whether you have an electric battery or wet cell battery, you should determine the requirements of the vehicle. Based on that, you should proceed with the battery replacement. Usually, the wet cell battery and AGM battery should be replaced with that of the new battery with the same rating. Nonetheless, if you are considering the power, you need to take into consideration that the power is higher than that of your older one.

What should I do with my old car battery?

Now that you are replacing your old car battery, you may want to determine whether you should be using it or not. The old car batteries consist of acid and lead (toxic heavy metal). If you are getting rid of your old battery, you should prefer recycling it instead of throwing it. We also allow the exchange of the older cells and recycle it for your benefit. Nonetheless, if you do not submit your older battery for recycling, you will need to provide for a deposit fee. As a result, you may want to recycle your older battery with the new one. This will also be economically beneficial for you since you will need to pay lesser charges. Also, recycling your older battery is good for the environment.

Are all car batteries of 12 voltage?

Often it is said whether or not the car battery is of 12 voltage or not. Technically, all the car batteries are of 12 volts. But the reading would be around 12.65 volts. The world has moved at a rapid rate. Earlier, during the 1950s and 1960s, the car batteries used to be 6 volts, but now they have developed — some of the cells used to follow the electrical system.

Can the battery go on without being used?

A lot of us plan to get a new battery without ensuring its proper usage. Well, it is necessary to determine that a car battery should never be left unused. Not using the battery thoroughly is undoubtedly one of the main drawbacks in the case of the vehicle battery. The automotive batteries are so designed that they can work carefully with the charging of an alternator. Any battery that is left unused will eventually get into the self-discharge mode. While it remains discharged for a specific time, it will ultimately lead to premature battery failure and corrosion. Also, if you are leaving the battery unused, you need to determine what type of cell it is. Moreover, the storage temperature has an important role to play in the battery, which is why you should be careful about it.

Does the battery function correctly all the time?

Often people have complained about their car battery malfunctioning. One of the most common complaints has been that despite ensuring proper maintenance, the battery often fails to maintain the working. This means, sometimes the battery starts the car, and sometimes it does not. Well, if this has been happening with your vehicle, it is not the fault of the cell.
If your vehicle wasn't used for some time and switched it on, the problem may lie in the fact that the automotive battery does not have sufficient charge. While starting the vehicle, you need to check the state of charge for a better idea. Also, you need to ensure that you have been testing the alternator thoroughly as well. If all the connections are excellent, then it is a charging problem and not the battery. But, if the issue remains, you may want to get the battery checked at a battery center.

How to measure the battery's performance?

While you may feel like you can do it all, measuring the battery's performance has always been a problem. The two most natural ways to check the performance of the battery have been to test its voltage and capacity. Voltage refers to the energy or force that comes out of the cell with each electron, and size refers to the number of particles obtained from each battery.
The voltage of any battery is often checked with the materials used for making the battery. Although the lead-acid cells are of 2.13V, it is often said that they have a nominal voltage of 2V. So, the voltages of lead-acid with nominal ones can vary from 2V, 4V, and so one.
As mentioned earlier, the capacity of a battery is determined by the number of electrons released. As current is measured in particles per unit time, the cell capacity is usually determined by the current supplied to it and is measured as ampere per hour.

Are lead acid batteries dangerous?

One of the main concerns that people often have had is whether or not the lead acids are dangerous. The lead-acid cells should be kept in a safe environment away from the reach of kids. Also, adults must be careful with the usage of lead acids. At BatteryDial.com, we ensure the safety of all our employees and clients and thus make sure to follow the standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which battery is the best for a car?

    When it comes to selecting car batteries, know that there is an array of choices. While you may feel confused, there are several brands in the market which can eventually make things easier for you. There are several car battery brands in India that you may want to choose. Amaron, Optima, Bosch, Exide, and SF Luminous happens to be some of the leading brands for car battery in India. Nonetheless, personal experiences vary too. If you haven't yet tried any of these, you definitely should. Also, if you are confused about which car battery to get for your vehicle, you can get in touch with the professionals at BatteryDial, who will help you find the best one. Also, car battery specifications are mentioned online. As a result, you may want to do some research regarding the specification and then choose one. Whether you are replacing your old battery or getting a new one, you need to ensure that the specifications match with that of your older one so that you can make the right choice.

  • How to charge a car battery?

    Following basic instructions can be of great help for charging your car battery. Whenever you plug in the battery for charging, you need to ensure that the charger is off. You need to connect the positive terminal to the positive end of the battery and the negative cable to the negative terminal. If you are switching on the charger, you need to do it at a slow charge rate. Once you have prepared everything, you need to ensure that you turn on the charger and move accordingly with the timer. Usually, car batteries take 6 to 12 hours to be charged entirely, depending on the requirement. The charge, however, can last for a long time too. But if your cell isn't in good working condition, the chances are that the battery charge won't last too long. As a result, you either need to switch to a new battery or get it changed altogether.

  • When should you replace a car battery?

    As per experts at BatteryDial, you should keep on changing the car battery every three years. Although the car battery's lifespan is average 4-6 years, turning it every three years ensures the safety of your vehicle. However, in some instances, you may also be required to change the car battery before three years as well, depending on the climate you live in. Gradually with time, the battery will start showing signs too, which in itself will be an indication that it needs to be changed. Thus, once you start noticing these signs, you may change it. Get in touch with BatteryDial, to get hold of reliable and extremely convenient car batteries.

  • How do I know it is time to replace the battery?

    Although you may go to a battery center to check your battery or be careful of the prominent warning signs coming your way. When it is time to replace your car battery, it will eventually start showing all the signs. Some of the prominent ones include the following. • The headlights becoming dim after a specific time • Your battery does not start properly, and also there are fluctuations • Your battery will lose its potential power when subjected to heat and cold. • The battery refuses to be charged. Once you have decided to settle, you can eventually get your Exide or Amaron car battery from BatteryDial.com for an affordable rate.

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